(Note: Polymer Valley is not affiliated with Cisco Systems or Kellogg School of Managment appearing in the video above.) " Our historic Polymer Valley / IoT solution can maximize the asset value of the entire United States, exceeding any government program ever developed." - D.B. Keller, Pres & Chairman, Polymer Valley Media Corp.

The Internet of Things (IoT) challenge symbolizes the Internet has finally reached its own critical mass, requiring a totally unified new system to lead the Web described in the following official "Webgettysburg Address" written by D.B. Keller, Pres. & Chairman, Polymer Valley Media Corporation.

Polymer Valley can SOLVE the latest major economic warning from Gates and Zuckerberg by helping to protect American-worker assets through the planned issuance of potential high-yield Polymer Valley Growth Bonds (PVGB's), taking Wall St. by storm to build-out both our super-regional 6-county IoT Science Park and phenomenal Unified Social Network plan.


Over one score and five years ago (25+) the Internet continues to remain ungrounded and unfocused, needing physical super regionalization to grow vertically instead of 'Googlezontally'. To overcome critical challenges currently slowing mass-global (IoT) uptake, large-scale deployment of a fully-grounded Authoritative Research Zone is needed, vertically siloed through Polymer Valley, a critical time-to-action build-out accelerated through our extraordinary combination of hyper-localized freight networks.

Not only new schools, a whole new system of technology education is required. Why? Because there is no second place in solving the IoT challenge. Period.



Already a multi-billion dollar natural gas and shale oil center, Polymer Valley is nearly twice as large as Silicon Valley and nearly 190 times larger than the original Research Triangle Park (est. c.1959.) The now scandalous Silicon Valley is merely a nickname for a southern portion of the San Francisco Bay Area, whereas Polymer Valley applies to a specific 3,034 sq.mi. 6-county map which the Ohio Dept. of Development (ODOD) sponsored (scroll to its page bottom) yet never claimed by them as a URL, (we did), so as a key matter-of-record, 'Polymer Valley' has superior bona fide state-sponsored credibility, infrastructure, oil, gas and critical fresh water to run such a massive project as the public-investment research center for the IoT (Internet of Things).

> Polymer Valley Three-Tier Plan: Polymer Valley (.com) will offer the most comprehensive, land-based, 3-tier IoT services available anywhere on the Internet; Polymer Valley (.net) will feature complete legal, Intellectual Property and IoT patent services, with Polymer Valley (.org) serving as exclusive credit union for IoT workers and their families, together  comprising the ultimate pure-play investment scenario for America and the world.

With a potential 19-trillion dollar, ever-appreciating IoT market cap (proxy value courtesy of John Chambers' market- projection video above) Polymer Valley's planned Authoritative Research Zone will develop new IoT market models, create and test new products, teach new leadership styles and skill sets, improving how people work with teams as the global investment hub of the IoT, and that is only the beginning . . . Web users deserve such a single-point solution; i.e., a TOTALLY UNIFIED TRANSPARENT WEB ACROSS ALL DEVICES

As a public-investment IoT (Internet of Things) science park center, Polymer Valley can serve as the consolidated super-regional test bed for virtually all Blockchain Technology , protecting virtually every type of transaction involving value. In so doing, Polymer Valley will become the high-security Parallel Business Network of the Internet.

Incredibly, Blockchain technology is designed in such a way that no trust is needed - - security and reliability are obtained via special mathematical functions and code, a system which has many banks and other businesses around the world interested in deploying, except for one problem: Blockchain technology will only work if everyone focuses it on the largest possible interactive single scale. Combining Blockchain technology with Polymer Valley's ground-based transparency is the winning combination for the Internet of Things.


Furthermore, as the nation's independent resource for fresh water availability, northeast Ohio can be made even more valuable as a center for Nanotechnology (high-paying chip fabrication jobs) and Additive Manufacturing (Fast-Composite Manufacturing.)

To conclude: Polymer Valley's phenomenal array of rail, water, air and highway networks ensure rapid regional-scaling potential. Our strategic east (Youngstown/Warren) and west (Akron/Canton) airports approx. 70 mi. apart in Foreign Trade Zone #181 will further optimize our intermodal-freight logistics growth critical for scaling IoT time-to-action situations as the Authoritative Research Zone for the Internet of Things.

> As a result, see out how Polymer Valley can unseat both Google AND Facebook by becoming the Physical-Social Graph of the Web with Polymer Valley's planned Unified Social Network (USN). Visit our link here to find out exactly how we can make that happen. 


 - D.B. Keller, Pres. & Chairman, Polymer Valley Media Corp., owner of PolymerValley.com, .net and .org domains and formulator of this plan.

Polymer Valley's planned creation of private network Smartcity Research Villages (company towns) will vigorously complement each of the 6 county (approx. 500 sq. mi. per county) demographics (total area: 3,034 sq. mi.) as per the following :

  • Summit County: Polymer / Nanotech  - SRV 

  • Portage County: Genome Project  - SRV

  • Trumbull County: Communications  - SRV

  • Stark County: Agrotechnology  - SRV

  • Columbiana County: Marine Biology  - SRV

  • Mahoning County: Computer Science - SRV

SEEKING investor partners and developers. Note: Polymer Valley Media Corporation is not a state agency and do not utilize taxpayer dollars. Key links herein have been web-archived for maximum historical verification.

D.B. Keller, Pres. & Chairman
 'The Edison Guy From Ohio'
Polymer Valley Media Corporation
Publishing & Ideation Company

"What's always amazed me is, even with radio telescopes, Mt. Palomar, Kitt Peak and even Hubble (e.g., Microsoft, Intel, Cisco, etc.), it's the man with the binoculars (my company) who finds the comet." - D.B.K.

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