Q: What do Bezos, Brin and Hydrogen have in common ?

A: They're the front line of America's foremost regional-infrastructure plan leader, Polymer Valley located in Northeast Ohio, U.S.A.

Google co-founder Sergey Brin's new company, LTA Research and Exploration will use Akron's massive airdock facility for new-generation airship development. LTA Research and Exploration, a California company created by Google's co-founder, is partnering with the University of Akron to use the historic Akron Airdock to develop state-of-the-art, electric-powered, zero-emission airships.

On the other side of Polymer Valley's 'central city' of Akron, Ohio (below), Jeff Bezos's  transformation of a former major mall site into a massive new Amazon fulfillment center, an Amazon project so large (640,000 sq. ft.) that, in anticipation of heavy tractor-trailer traffic, the city of Akron is completely re-laying cement on the fulfillment center's major access road, as well as updating ramps for I-76 to the south and I-77 to the north.

Gov. Mike DeWine said in 2019 when the company announced plans to construct the Akron facility, that "Amazon continues to demonstrate confidence in the great workforce and e-commerce business climate we have in Ohio.”

                Now the self-proclaimed Super-Consolidated Hydrogen Hub of America !

Already a multi-billion dollar natural gas and shale oil center, Polymer Valley is nearly twice as large as Silicon Valley and nearly 190 times larger than the original Research Triangle Park (est. c.1959) in Durham, NC. Near half-century old Silicon Valley is merely a nickname for a southern portion of the San Francisco bay area, whereas Polymer Valley applies to a specific state-designated 3,034 sq. mi. 6-county map set, so as a key matter-of-record, Polymer Valley outranks Silicon Valley in size, strategic location, dynamic intermodal freight and logistics networks, as well as our invaluable concentration of oil, gas, critical fresh water (trading in water will soon be the new 'blue gold') as well as the massive, multi-billion dollar Hydrogen-market gas deposits we have to successfully create, run and sustain such a massive project as our public-investment Science Park City plan for IoT (Internet of Things) and more. 

Our scaleable solution-plan is accomplished via multi-county Super-UPREIT (Umbrella Partnership Real Estate Investment Trust) plan directly interfaced through our own 6-county branded map-set (see above link) with the ideal market structure framework to safely store and apply investor assets to become the fully-transparent U.S. leader and dynamic growth model of new generation thematic investing for 2022 and for decades to come. 

Polymer Valley's Science Park City Plan 
Polymer Valley's massive 'Genome / IoT  Science Park City Plan' applies to a planned research-adjunct hospital assistance scale featuring an unparalleled 20-yr. tracking plan per patient. 

Already having one of the highest-rated hospital networks in the nation, northeast Ohio is the ideal setting for such 'super staging' genome assistance, our planned Phase I ending in 2040; Phase II in 2060; Phase III in 2080, Phase IV, etc., on a continuous 20-year cycle  - the greatest Futures Market play of all time.    

Why a full 20-yr tracking plan? Because of Medicare's potential involvement to co-track the results, ensuring our genome project-plan a full 20-yr. vista per patient.

Polymer Valley (.com) full-scale Science Park City plan will offer the most comprehensive land-based IoT services available anywhere on the Internet; Polymer Valley (.net) will feature complete legal, Intellectual Property and IoT patent services, with Polymer Valley (.org) serving as exclusive credit union for IoT workers and their families, together comprising the ultimate pure-play investment scenario for America and the world.
Creatively re-applying a potential 19-trillion dollar, ever-appreciating IoT market-cap proxy value courtesy of Cisco's John Chambers IoT Projection , Polymer Valley's official Science Park City plan will also develop competencies in the implementation of blockchain technologies at the municipal, regional and federal levels, as well as a place for investors to meet and trade, enabling participants to learn, create and develop new products and equipment, as well as the most trustworthy place for broadcasting the price they agree to.

Many people believe that blockchain technology is simply 'not sexy enough' to inspire more direct participation because the blockchain itself cannot be seen - - our playful-genius SOLUTION: Polymer Valley can become the land-based, EXTERNALIZED equivalent of the legendary SimCity game (so simple a child can understand it ) when otherwise complex blockchain math is collectively likened to 'game code' for real-time participatory development of Polymer Valley as the full-scale, public investment Science Park City for the Internet of Things. Result : A parabolic growth opportunity with full investor transparency, in turn, historically helping solve the collective overhead of Ai (Artificial Intelligence) research which requires immense amounts of costly computing power.

Polymer Valley can then serve as America's purist public growth model, protecting virtually every type of transaction involving value; i.e., Blockchain-as-Service on the ultimate social level, historically establishing a totally TRANSPARENT value-chain ecosystem.
> The state of Ohio is already known for its progressive approach toward Blockchain with its new Senate Bill 220 which places the state as the policy leader on Blockchain technology-use cases. 

Geographic location and a robust distribution and supply chain makes Ohio a hub for logistics and transportation. CNBC named Ohio among the top 10 best states for business because of its infrastructure and logistics capabilities; as such, we also wish to be known (via our Marcellus natural gas and oil shelf) as the Super-Consolidated Hydrogen Hub of America.

DID YOU KNOW? Blockchain technology is designed in such a way that the highest form of security and reliability are obtained via special mathematical functions and code, a system which has many banks and other businesses around the world interested in deploying, EXCEPT FOR ONE PROBLEM: BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY WILL BEST WORK IF EVERYONE FOCUSES IT ON THE LARGEST POSSIBLE INTERACTIVE-CONTROLLED  SCALE AT ONCE ( where it can finally work at-scale in the real world ), thus combining Blockchain with Polymer Valley's ground-based transparency is the winning solution for the Internet of Things.

Polymer Valley's phenomenal array of rail, water, air and highway networks ensure rapid regional-scaling potential. Our strategic east (Youngstown/Warren) and west (Akron/Canton) airports approx. 70 mi. apart in Foreign Trade Zone #181 will further optimize our intermodal-freight logistics growth critical for scaling IoT time-to-action situations as the Authoritative Research Zone for the Internet of Things.

Plus, the Tax Foundation ranked Ohio No. 1 in distribution-center corporate tax costs.

Polymer Valley's planned creation of a private network of 'Smartcounty' Research Villages (company towns) will vigorously complement each of the 6 county (approx. 500 sq. mi. per county) demographics (total area: 3,034 sq. mi.) as per the following :

  •     Summit County / University of Akron. Polymer Research
  •     Portage County : The Genome ProjectNEOMED ) 
  •     Trumbull County : Communications  (Warren Hub)
  •     Stark County : Agrotechnology (Precision Farming)
  •     Columbiana County : Marine Biology (Waterways)
  •     Mahoning : Computer Science - (Youngstown State)
"I seek to independently partner Polymer Valley with the best possible investment-development team in 2022 and for the future."

 Note: Polymer Valley Media Corporation is not a state agency, has no debt, 
and does not utilize taxpayer dollars. Key links herein have been web-archived for maximum historical online verification.
-  D.B. Keller, Pres. & Chairman
 Key asset: The Lowell Phoenix Devin Collection

"What's always amazed me is, even with the most advanced radio telescopes, Mt. Palomar and even Hubble (e.g., Microsoft, Intel, Cisco, etc.), it's the man with the binoculars (my company) who finds the comet." - D.B.K.
NOTE: Polymer Valley is not associated with the SimCity game 
or Electronic Arts; said (city) name is used for illustrative purposes only.